Sony ECMW1M Wireless Microphone (Black)

January 8, 2017 - Comment

Capture sound right from the source with the ECM-W1M wireless microphone

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Capture sound right from the source with the ECM-W1M wireless microphone


R. S. Kern says:

Awesome Equipment Smashing little wireless set up is the perfect answer to the onboard mics for the a6000. Without reading instructions (but after seeing a couple owner videos) I had this thing out of the packaging and sending wall-to-wall audio in seconds. It takes power right from the multi-interface shoe atop the camera — mic gets its own AA batt. Just make sure to switch “mode” to “video” on your camera; the wireless does the rest. Checking later on Final Cut Pro X I heard no hiss; the…

Ignacio Fernández Quirós says:

Good audio quality. Not for extreme PROs. I bought this audio system so I could use external mics with my Alpha 6000. It seemed to have some interesting features that could become in handy. 

Ali says:

Excellent sound and a reliable connection! This little item is a gem! It’s a must for anyone with a Sony camera. I’s very predictable connection on my Sony A7s and I’ve had no issues with interference or dropped sound after about 8 uses. I’ve even tried to attach a couple of additional mic inputs to it and while the new Giant Squid Lav I bought isn’t compatible with it my Panasonic shotgun mic is! It’s very easy to carry around and I’ve now put my two Sennheiser G3 lavs to rest. It’s great for run and gun shooting… obviously the…

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