Sony ALCR55 Rear Lens Cap for the Sony Alpha Digital SLR.

July 20, 2014 - Comment

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Birke4 says:

Does what it says well Not much to say about this product. Basically does what it was designed for, to cover the rear of the lens. My only complaint has nothing to do with this product or seller, but with Sony. When you spend $800 or more on a camera and lens package, why would you put on a shipment cover that’s like a ketchup container instead of this product that is actually useful in protecting your investment. Besides that little rant, it is a great product and am very pleased with the speedy shipment and fairly…

Diego Raigoza Nuñez says:

A useful accesory to keep your lenses working smoothly. The Sony Rear Lens Cap is a good product, although looking it at objectively, it’s nothing more than a plastic thing with the name Sony on it.The thing to keep in mind here is that this cap is necessary to protect the mount and contacts of your lenses, which this cap does in an excellent manner, since it’s hard enough for the job. It’s not made of easy-to-pierce through plastic.There is not much to say about it, it’s good for what it does and that’s that.The…

Greg Fridder "Fridder" says:

Love it, great for less than $4!! 0

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