Sony AGR1 Hand Grip for DSC-RX100 series (Black)

May 1, 2014 - Comment

Provides reliable and secure grip for active shooting with RX100 or RX100M2 cameras More Camera Suggestions For You Digital Camera 2.7K Ultra HD Mini Camera 44MP 2.8 Inch LCD Screen Rechargeable Students Compact Camera Pocket Camera with 16X Digital Zoom YouTube Vlogging Camera for Kids,Adult,Beginners(Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars(51) 15% Off $63.99 $54.39 (as

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Provides reliable and secure grip for active shooting with RX100 or RX100M2 cameras


Collin says:

Nice Grip, A major ergonomic improvement for Sony Rx100 This is a very nice grip. Made of what feels like high quality rubber (the same material on the small thumb pad/grip on the rear of the camera), the grip is nicely texturized and fits perfectly on the bottom half of the front of the camera on the side of the shutter button. Attaching the grip to the camera is an easy affair, you just peel the backing off the double stick adhesive tape, align the grip with the horizontal line that runs across the face of the camera and press. the adhesive…

Foolish Consumer says:

Solves another RX100 problem At first I didn’t think I was going to like this grip, it seemed too small, did not come up high enough on the body. The way I was holding the camera without the grip had my hand higher on the body. But this grip seems to have different ideas, it forces me to hold the camera in only one way comfortably that I can figure. And when doing that it solves another issue I was having with the camera…When shooting with the RX100, way too frequently I’d hit the wrong button when trying to…

C. Pak says:

Great! I purchased this grip for my RX100M2 from Sony since they had it in stock. I really like this grip. It’s made of a soft textured rubber that feels good to hold and doesn’t feel like it would slip. Since the RX100M2 has a perfectly smooth metal body, this grip extends all the way to the lens barrel to give the grip side of the camera a retro/textured appearance. It would be nice if they made a matching skin for the other side.I had the Franiec metal grip for my RX100. Comparing the…

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