Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

August 19, 2014 - Comment

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Slim wireless remote instantly triggers shutter without disturbing camera


StudioVoxPop says:

Does what you would expect– DOES focus image before triggering shutter It’s no surprise that when you stand in front of the camera and push thebutton, the remote triggers the shutter. There does seem to be someconfusion in reviews, both here and elsewhere, as to the remote’s abilityto focus the lens before triggering the shutter.This remote is capable of focusing the lens before triggering the shutter.However, it will not focus the lens if the photographer has alreadypushed the shutter release button on the camera half way…

J. Lewis "digital geek" says:

a must have If you own a D70 you simply can’t be without this item. Because Nikon chose not to include a mechanical cable release option (or an electronic one either), it is difficult to shoot at slow shutter speeds, even on a tripod, without getting camera shake affecting your images. You can use the timer, but that doesn’t always work for your shooting situation. With this remote, you get the same basic operation as a cable release as well as a bonus that you can put yourself in front of the lens and…

Thomas Jones says:

IR remote review…. Well…its a remote.I use it with my d50 and it works to about 30 ft. When I get the shot composed, I press the timer button 2x to get the camera ready to shoot, press the button and step out, or sit down and press the button during group shots.In bulb mode I do the same. Press the timer 3x to get it ready, press to start the shot and step away. Come back and press the button again and it stops the shot.Works just like it is supposed to.One thing to…

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