Nikon MH-65 Li-Ion Battery Charger for Nikon EN-EL12 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

August 26, 2015 - Comment

MH-65 Battery Charger Battery for En-El12 Battery

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MH-65 Battery Charger Battery for En-El12 Battery


Thomas Otto "TomO" says:

The Charger that should have come with the camera!! This is a nice addition to my S8000 Nikon camera which augments my professional stuff for when it is just easier to have a camera on my belt. However, Nikon should have included this with the camera instead of giving a power cord so that the camera has to recharge the battery! All my other cameras have had a separate charger. With all of our ability to read memory cards built into the computers now, there is no need to use a power cord for a camera at all any more. The other concern with…

Loujul says:

A Needed Accessory Having a spare battery charger is a must and being able to stuff it inside your camera bag along with all the other junk you take with you is a given. Unfortunately, this Nikon charger fails the consumer miserably. Instead of allowing you to plug the charger directly into an outlet, this charger comes with an extremely long cord that you plug into the charger and then into your outlet. It’s large and bulky and will not travel comfortably with you in your bag. Thumbs up on the charger,…

Parag Mehta says:

Nice external charger — should have been part of the camera purchase Nikon went really cheap by not providing this charger alongwith the digital camera unlike previous models where this was part of the camera. this charger comes really handy for charging batteries faster especially when you have spare batteries that need to be charged as well.

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