Nikon Coolpix 8800 8MP Digital Camera with 10x Vibration Reduction Optical Zoom Lens

May 13, 2014 - Comment

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2/8/200615-19-32. Nikon


Darlene "Darlene" says:

Love the 8800! I have owned the Nikon 8800 for two months now and I do love this camera–sharp photos, accurate color, and good ergonomics. Very well-built. This is a very feature-rich camera and I am still trying various features. Mostly I have been taking photos (about 1800 already) in both Program mode and Aperture Priority mode and getting to know the camera.I don’t really have much problem with the auto focusing. I owned the 5700 before this and several other Nikon digitals. While the…

Jason M. Zorn says:

Exceptional Camera I consider myself a typical prosumer photographer (if such a thing exists) — I have had several digital cameras over the past 3 or 4 years from 1MP, 2MP 3.2MP, 5.1MP and now this 8MP wonder. It produces quality shots with a “virtual” SLR viewfinder; unless your stubbornly dogmatic about needing a “real” dSLR, this camera is equal to, if not better than, most dSLRs that cost 2-3 times as much. The only place where a dSLR might prove more advantageous would be for the photographer who is looking…

R. D. Smith says:

Great Point and Shoot, with a few caveats. I own a D70 and bought the 8800 for my wife. Initially she was very resistant to use the camera because it can be somewhat intimidating what with all that extra text in the viewfinder and the buttons and modes.With time, she warmed up to the camera and now loves it. The VR stabilized zoom is a critical plus feature with the VR making a noticable difference.The camera takes great pictures in Auto in a variety of situations and it does a pretty amazing job of figuring…

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